4th ICePTi​


The 4th Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia
The 4th Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia

The 4th Exhibition on Powder Technology Indonesia is a bi-annual event hosted by Functional Nano Powder University Center of Excellence Universitas Padjadjaran. It is a great opportunity for exhibitors to connect with prospects through face-to-face communication and engagement. As an exhibitor in Powder Technology and related, you can interact with visitors (students, educators, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and policymakers in powder technology and its applications) to inform them of your company, its offers, and its value in a more relaxed and personal atmosphere.

For Exhibitor

Who Should Joint The Exhibition:

  1. Japan Powder Industry (Japan Powder Forum Members):
    • Represents the leading companies in the powder industry in Japan.
    • Provides a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among industry experts.
    • Offers insights into the powder industry’s latest advancements, trends, and technologies.
  1. Characterization and Analytical Instrument Industry and Distributors:
    • Specializes in providing instruments and tools for analyzing and characterizing powder materials.
    • Plays a crucial role in quality control, research, and development within the powder industry.
    • Offers innovative solutions for measuring and evaluating the properties of powders.
  1. Pharmaceutical Industry:
    • Focuses on the production of powdered pharmaceutical products and medications.
    • Adheres to strict quality standards and regulations to ensure the safety and efficacy of powder-based drugs.
    • Contributes to advancements in drug delivery systems, formulations, and powder processing techniques.
  1. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • Utilizes powders in various applications such as food additives, flavorings, and nutritional supplements.
    • Emphasizes product consistency, texture, and taste in powder-based food and beverage production.
    • Implements quality control measures to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.
  1. Chemical Industry:
    • Engages in powder-related processes like blending, compaction, granulation, and catalyst production.
    • Produces a wide range of powdered chemicals used in various industries.
    • Focuses on optimizing production efficiency, product quality, and environmental sustainability.
  1. Metallurgical Industry:
    • Specializes in the production of metal powders and the subsequent manufacturing of metal components.
    • Utilizes powder metallurgy techniques such as compaction, sintering, and post-processing operations.
    • Enables the production of high-performance metal parts with unique properties and shapes.
  1. Ceramic Industry:
    • Utilizes powder compaction, shaping, drying, and firing processes to produce ceramics.
    • Produces ceramic products like tiles, tableware, and industrial ceramics.
    • Focuses on achieving desired aesthetics, strength, and functionality in ceramic materials.
  1. Coating and Surface Modification Industry:
    • Applies powder coatings and surface treatments to enhance various substrates’ durability, aesthetics, and functionality.
    • Utilizes techniques like electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed coating, and thermal spraying.
    • Plays a vital role in the automotive, aerospace, and architecture industries.
  1. Energy Industry:
    • Utilizes powdered materials in energy production, storage, and conversion systems.
    • Emphasizes the development of advanced energy technologies and materials for improved efficiency and sustainability.
    • Includes applications like battery materials, fuel cells, and solar cell technologies.
  1. Construction Industry:
    • Incorporates powdered materials in various construction processes and products.
    • Utilizes cementitious powders, additives, and admixtures for concrete production.
    • Focuses on enhancing construction materials’ strength, durability, and sustainability.

Why Should Joint Exhibition:

  • Meet and connect with prospect clients
  • Strengthen relationships with existing customers
  • Face to face is more effective
  • Learn about new products/services in the industry
  • Generate sales
  • Capture leads and build a database
  • Build brand awareness
  • Speak directly to target market
  • Introduce new products/services
  • Network and learn

Booth Information

Each company has 1 booth (2 x 3) metres square with two chairs and one table. If companies want to show a poster at their stand, that is quite possible. The poster can be attached to the stand wall (rear wall) indoors, with the size poster is 841mm × 1189mm (poster size A0).

Table Header
Participation Fee:
750 USD
Booth Size:
(2 x 3) metres

Important Dates

Important Dates
Deadline Registration Exhibition
30th July 2023
Deadline Payment Exhibitor
30th July 2023
Opening Registration Visitor
21st June 2023
Deadline Registration Visitor
20th August 2023
22nd August 2023

For Visitor

Benefit for Visitor:

  • Opportunity to learn about new developments, trends, and advancements in powder tech and about the business directly from experts or representatives.
  • Opportunity to build a network with exhibitors, peers, and potential collaborators, fostering new connections and partnerships.
  • Opportunity to interact with the offerings, ask questions, and make informed decisions based on firsthand experience.


This event involved several national and international companies, including:

MAKINO mfg.co.ltd

Since 1925, Makino has been selling pulverizers in Tokyo, Japan. They provide powder handling equipment and systems, especially in the field of pulverizers. Their motto is to be a unique and practical company in the field of powder handling. They can provide experienced and wholehearted technology support.
Main Products:

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd., one of Japan’s oldest engine manufacturers with a long tradition, was founded in 1903 – the same year Brother Wright successfully flew the world’s first controlled-propelled airplane.
Through four generations, they have run our family business with honesty and pride, providing quality machines globally to clients in Asia, Europe and North America. Today, together with a trusted partner for a quarter of a century, NETZSCH – the world’s leading manufacturer of milling and dispersing machines – Ashizawa has spread the optimal benefits of Nano Process Technology throughout the world.
Main Products:
Bead Mills: Milling and Spreading Machines
Reduction of nano and submicron-size particles


Custom-Tailored Spray Dryers: We provide customized spray dryers for your needs, including for laboratory use, medium scale production, and large industrial production. We also provide spray coolers, fluidized bed systems, exhaust coolers, and processing equipment. We can make modifications to all Ohkawara base models according to customer requests. Feel free to contact us for your special requests.
Our main products:
Spray dryer
Spray cooler


Eriez, a privately owned company, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of separation, materials handling, and inspection equipment used in process industries such as food, plastics, chemical, mining, aggregates, metalworking, and recycling. The applications and production methods requiring our equipment are universal worldwide. Through innovation, organization and diversification, Eriez has grown into a technologically advanced, financially stable, international company with manufacturing facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Japan, Mexico and South Africa, and headquarters in Erie. , Pennsylvania, United States of America.
Eriez has sales offices throughout the United States and approximately 80 international markets on five continents. In particular, Eriez Magnetics Japan works with leading companies in Japan in the powder handling industry in the world.
We will work with and support you with our unique technology and know-how.
Our main products:
Magnetic Separator
Shake Eater
Eddy Current Separators
Electrostatic Separator
Column Flotation Separator


Kyowa Stainless provides stainless products such as sanitary fittings, valves and pumps. Customization is our forte. Not just individual parts, we cater to planning, design, manufacturing, polishing, cleaning and assembly in our integrated manufacturing facility.
Main Products:
Stainless pipe
stainless fittings
stainless valve


Since its founding in 1968, Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd. always engaged in manufacturing by considering the customer perspective. Seishin’s main business includes development, manufacture, sales and after-sales service of a wide range of powder measuring equipment, development, design, manufacture and sale and design and construction of mills using key equipment, specialized powder processing services starting as local systems, sales of recycled materials by the Functional Materials Division, and imports and sales of processed inorganic and organic products from abroad. In addition, there is also an R&D Division which supports Seishin’s businesses technologically and is involved in the development and innovation of new equipment and materials.
Powder Measuring Equipment.
Powder Manufacturing Devices.
Special Powder Processing.
Manufacturing and sales of Functional Materials.
Development of Equipment and Materials and Functional Materials.
Main Products:
Jet Mills
Automated Sieving Particle Size Analyzer
Automated Image Analyzer
Trouble Solving Equipment – Air Knocker

Nanomag - FiNder-U-CoE

Functional Nano Powder University Center of Excellence (FiNder U CoE) is a Research Center at Padjadajar University. FiNder U CoE is actively involved in Nanoscience Research and Technology & Business Development (RBD) with the aim of promoting innovative technologies for Indonesian industries to achieve a level of global competitiveness and provide new alternatives in facing crucial social challenges today and in the future. Using Nanotechnology to solve real-world problems is expected to provide new opportunities with various application perspectives. FiNder U CoE’s significant contributions are in the areas of biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, sustainable energy, sustainable agriculture and food, enhancing the value of natural resources, and clean water for a growing population.


The Global Ecosystem is a systematic, comprehensive and organically connected entity, which has been continuously evolving since the vision of pursuing sustainable harmony and advanced forms of human civilization began. Humans are bound to move forward with better progress, as evidenced by the rapid development of science and technology that has been going on for hundreds of years.

IncubatorX is a place for the coordinated development of people, ideas that are emphasized, and the continuous drive to move forward, with a vision to magnify everything that is needed in today’s dynamic and progressive world. IncubatorX’s main focus is the digital economy, finance, renewable energy, food and education. IncubatorX supports the birth of ideas, networking and responsible pursuit for better manifestation of managing global resources through “Empowering Global Ecosystems”.


About 4th ICePTi​

ICePTi 2023 will feature product and technology displays by leading companies in the Powder technology field. The exhibition will also host various activities, such as business talks, company profile presentations, business and product workshops, tenant tours, and business matching sessions. These events will focus on topics such as funding, export-import regulations, and powder technology. The organizers are confident that visitors will find these events informative and useful.

ICePTi 2023 aims to provide a platform for researchers and industry professionals to collaborate on powder technology and its various applications, from fundamental to advanced levels. Visitors are invited to attend the event and experience the latest developments in powder technology.