Submission Guidelines

The abstract submission guidelines provide authors with important instructions and requirements for submitting abstracts for consideration at the conference. Following these guidelines will ensure that your abstract is properly reviewed and evaluated for potential inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Abstract Format

  1. English is a must in writing an abstract.
  2. Consider the abstract structure consists of the introduction, aim of the research, methods, results and discussion, and conclusion(s).
  3. Author should consider a one-paragraph-page abstract with a word limit not exceed than 400 words.
  4. The keywords list all the important aspects in your abstract to highlight the content and are limited to a maximum of five keywords separated by a semicolon each.
  5. Keywords are written in lowercase.
  6. There shall be no citations or references in the abstract specifically.
  7. List forms, tables, figures, or graphs must not include in the abstract.
  8. Authors should provide a maximum of 5 references and are chosen only the appropriate one to describe the content.

Presentation Guidelines

All abstracts accepted for Joint Conference 2023 will be presented in either oral or poster sessions. Except for SFN XXXVI presenters, presentations must be delivered in English. The presenting author must be registered as a full participant in the conference.

Oral Presentation


Ensure that you are available at least one hour before the session starts on the days of the conference. All presentation rooms are equipped with a screen, an LCD projector, and a laptop computer installed with Microsoft PowerPoint. You will be able to insert your USB flash drive into the computer and double-check your file in PowerPoint. We recommend you bring two copies of the file in case that one fails.


Presentation material must be submitted to the IT table before the session starts in advance to ensure that the sessions run according to schedule without delays. The materials should be in MS. PowerPoint format. We recommend you to bring two copies of the file in case that one fails. You may send your materials via mail to the organizing committee before the day of the conference.

Time and Place

Each Presenter has 10-12 minutes to deliver the presentation and 3-5 minutes Q&A. Please check your presentation time and room in the conference program.

Poster Presentation

Poster Format

Dimensions for the posters are A0, 841mm width x 1189mm height,  portrait format. Please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size.

Poster Submission

Please ensure that you handover the poster to the organizing committee at the registration table.

Poster viewing session and Evaluation

A time slot will be allocated for the poster viewing in the conference program and please ensure that you stand by your poster(s) during that session for discussion and questions.
As visitors examine the display area, the poster presenters are then able to explain on material viewed, answer questions, exchange contact information, and fully discuss the subject matter.


You may download materials for this conference as follows:

  1. Abstract template
  2. Full paper template
  3. Powerpoints templates for oral presentation
  4. Presentation Guidelines
  5. Book of Abstracts