The 13th ICTAP

"Theoretical and Application of Physics for Golden Indonesia 2045”

The 13th International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Physics (13th ICTAP) is a conference organized by the Physical Society of Indonesia (PSI), hosted by Physical Society of Indonesia Jawa Barat (PSI Jawa Barat) and Department of Physics, Universitas Padjadjaran, and managed by JP Global Transtech. It is an annual conference of the Society and moves from one major city to another.

The 13th ICTAP


Who Should Attend (ICTAP 2023):

Anyone involved in powder technology knows and understands the need to keep up to date with the latest research from scientists and researchers worldwide. Staying current on these developments is crucial in advancing one’s research and career. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to attend the ICTAP, where:

  • students, 
  • educators, 
  • researchers, 
  • scientists, 
  • entrepreneurs, 
  • industry experts, and 
  • policymakers 

worldwide will discuss powder technology. If you are one of these people, you fit right in!

Why Should Attend (ICTAP 2023):

  • Opportunity to meet expertise in powder technology and expertise in physics
  • Strengthen your professional network connections
  • Present to and get feedback from Experts
  • Gain insights from Plenary and Invited Speakers
  • Benefit from different perspectives and fresh ideas
  • Improve your career development 
  • Opportunity to publish in Advanced Powder Technology (Scopus Q1 Journal)  and Scopus Indexed Proceeding 
  • Opportunity to attend Japan-Indonesia Powder Technology Exhibition
  • Opportunity to attend three conferences simultaneously: ICePTi, ICTAP, and SFN (Certificate Provided)
  • Opportunity to join industrial tours and excursions (first come first serve).

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