About Us

About Us

About JP Global Transtech

JP Global Transtech is an independent nonprofit foundation for science and technology promotion and development worldwide for the benefit of environment and humanity. We deliver an independent program for promotion of science and technology through collaborations with parties such as government institution, scientific communities , media and industries for advancing the development of science and technology.

We published open access journal which is peer-reviewed journals covering a wide range of academic disciplines with an editorial team comprising some of the global leading researchers.

Our services are to conduct and independent conference or with collaborator scientific community to give series conference event and conference papers in the related fields. In addition, we also published open access books covering different fields of science and technology.

While for the science and technology promotion, JP Global Transtech provides services on Conference Management, Internship in Technology and Culture, Science and Tech. Awards, Innovation in Science & Tech. Journalism, Innovation consulting and financing link, and Innovation Technology Hub includes: SciTech News and e-Magazine, and Innovation Directory.

Our Vision

A leading of science and technology transfer and institute promotion in Indonesia

Our Mission

Dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for global community through publications, conferences and professional, educational activities and special activities on recognition of science and technology development.

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